This menu will include information on Hans Sechrist (originally Siegrist/Sigrist) (1705-1763) and his wife Anna Wildberger (1743-1821) and their descendants, as they are my original Sechrist immigrants and York County residents.  Only minimal information will be given on most of their children, while the vast majority of the menu will focus on Hans and Anna’s son Franz (also known as Francis) Sechrist and his wife Veronika Feiser and their descendants.

Below is some information that you will find in the Sechrist section that either differs from what is widely known or I have not seen shared elsewhere:

Here are direct links to the main pages under this menu listing, all of which are my direct ancestors.  Each page will also contain sub-pages that will have information for their other children and grandchildren:

John Sechrist (1705-1763)

Francis Sechrist (1738-1819)

Henry Sechrist (1772-1856)

John Sechrist (1813-1901)

Amos Sechrist (1844-1909)


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