This menu will include all the information on Herman (or Harmon) Miller and his descendants.  Here are direct links to the main pages under this menu listing, all of which are my direct ancestors.  Each page will also contain sub-pages that will have information for their other children and grandchildren:

Herman Miller (1706-1783)

Michael Miller (1755-1823)

Michael Miller Jr. (1786-1868)

Jacob Miller (1810-1894)

William H Miller (1846-1896)

Here are some highlights of information you will find in the “Miller” section that does not appear to be widely known:

  • Herman Miller was more than likely the same person who arrived in September of 1731 on the ship “Brittania” and likely first settled in the Jonestown area of Lebanon County.
  • Contrary to genealogist Keith Dull, Michael Miller Sr. is not the oldest son of Herman Miller, but he is the youngest son.
  • Keith Dull also suggests Herman lived in Shrewsbury Township, however it was his son Herman Jr. who lived in Shrewsbury.
  • Able to identify that Barbara Miller, daughter of Michael Miller Sr., was the widow of Daniel Kehler/Kahler and after his death moved her and most of her 8 children out to Franklin County, OH
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