6. Regina Flinchbaugh

History and Biography of Regina Flinchbaugh

Regina Flinchbaugh, the fifth child of Melchior Flinchbaugh and Sophia Catharine Rembold, was born January 16, 1753 in Grossgartach, Germany.  Being a child under the age of 1, she made the journey with her parents and older siblings on the ship “Brothers” in 1753 and arrived in his new country on September 26, 1753 in Philadelphia.

She married Jacob Tome/Thome/Dohm, son of Benedict Tome.  Together they had 2 children, Jacob Jr. & John.  We know this because when her father’s estate was being settled, Regina had already passed away herself and the Orphans Court records indicate the name of her husband and 2 children that she left behind.  After Regin’a death, Jacob re-married and eventually moved his family to Lycoming County, PA.

Children of Regina Flinchbaugh and her husband Jacob Tome/Thome/Dohm:

  1. Jacob Tomb born about 1775
  2. John Tomb born about 1777 in Lancaster County, PA

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