This menu will include information on Melchior Flinchbaugh (1716-1772)/Sophia Rembold (1718-1785) and their descendants.  The main focus will be on their sons and their children, as that is where there is a great deal of uncertainty.

Thanks to the great amount of research done by Jacob M. Flinchbaugh and others back in 1928, along with various church records, estate records and Orphans Court records for Melchior, the information on Melchior is well documented.

However, the same can’t be said for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  While we do have some church records for births, baptisms and marriages, the records are not complete.  Also, many of his children and grandchildren did not have wills and the Orphans Court records and estate files provide little information that helps identify family lines.

Therefore, trying to identify their children will be done with a combination of church records, some estate and Orphans Court records, secondary sources such as Gibson’s 1886 History of York County and Prowell’s 1907 History of York County, and from interpreting census records and other information.  Once again, I need to thank my cousin Alan Laudermilch as he helped research this family and helped interpret the information that we had discovered and used it to come to the conclusions that we did.

In that regard, I have created a special page for the purpose of listing and documenting Flinchbaugh children born between about 1800 and 1820 whose parents that I am not certain of.  While I believe I have been able to identify some of the parents of children born in this time frame, there are still several Flinchbaugh children that not enough information exists in order to conclusively place them with their parents.  That page is title Flinchbaugh Children of Unknown Parentage and can be accessed by clicking on the link above or finding it listed on the menu with Melchior’s other children.

In addition to the above page, below is some additional information that you will find in the Flinchbaugh section that differs from what is “widely” shared by other sources:

  • John Flinchbaugh (1771-1819), not John Adam (1769), is the son of Adam Flinchbaugh and Magdalena Seig, married Magdalena Blymire.
  • John Flinchbaugh (1771-1819) was married to Catherine Waldman before he married Magdalena Blymire.  They had one son named John Flinchbaugh who may have moved to Erie County, NY
  • Elizabeth Flinchbaugh (1798-1838), the eldest daughter of John Flinchbaugh (1771-1819) and Magdalena Blymire, married Solomon Reese and moved to Augusta County, VA.
  • Elizabeth Flinchbaugh (1824-1847) who married Daniel Hollinger is the daughter of Adam Flinchbaugh (1782-1842) and Catherine Dohm
  • Henry K Flinchbaugh (1807-1873) who married Hannah Rathfon and moved to Lancaster County is the son Reverend Frederick Flinchbaugh & Mary Kindig
  • Eliza Flinchbaugh (1827-1897) who married George Stabley is the daughter Reverend Frederick Flinchbaugh & Mary Kindig
  • Jacob Flinchbaugh (1793-1875) who married Christina Diehl and Barbara Shenberger, is the son of Frederick Flinchbaugh & Christina Pfister.  Many people have identified him as the son of John Flinchbaugh & Magdalena Blymire
  • Catherine Flinchbaugh (1794-1864) who married Jacob Geesey, is the daughter of  Frederick Flinchbaugh & Christina Pfister

Alan and I are both descended from two of Melchior’s sons, Adam and Frederick.  From Adam, we are descended from his daughter Magdalena, who married Henry Sechrist.  From Frederick, we are descended from his daughter Christina who married Benjamin Tyson.

There are numerous ways the name was spelled for the first 100 years in America, including the following ways:

  • Flinchbaugh
  • Flinsbach
  • Flinspach
  • Flenspach
  • Flensbach
  • Flenschbach
  • Flinschbach
  • Flinsback
  • Flinshback
  • Flinchbach
  • Flinchback
  • Flinshbach
  • Flenchbach
  • Flinspach

Below is a list of the main pages within this menu:

Melchior Flinchbaugh (1706-1783)

Adam Flinchbaugh (1741-1820)

Martin Flinchbaugh (1742-1802)

Frederick Flinchbaugh (1764-1837)

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