This menu will contain information on Christian Craley (1763-1823) and his wives Catherine Gohn and Elizabeth Wackerman, and Christian’s descendants.  Christian was not the original Craley immigrant to Pennsylvania, that was likely his father John (Johannes) Craley.  However, very little definitive information is know about John to dedicate an entire page to him.

Like the Flinchbaugh surname, the Craley surname was spelled many numerous ways in the early days of York County history, including but not limited to:

  • Craly
  • Crailly
  • Crawley
  • Crealey
  • Crealy
  • Creely
  • Chrale
  • Grely
  • Grele
  • Grale
  • Graly
  • Graehle
  • Graehli
  • Grahli
  • Grahle
  • Kraly
  • Krely
  • Kreley
  • Krale
  • Krele
  • Crailey

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Christian Craley (1763-1823)

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