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  1. Mary Ann Crozier

    I think I posted my comment in the wrong place. This website is great – when do you sleep?

    I am looking forward to your answer to Ruth about baby Melchoir who lived only a few days in 1711.
    Do you know what profession, Melchoir’s family was in – while living in Germany?

    Good luck – fascinating – good hobby – but you are taking it one step farther than Hobby – to professional genealogist.
    Mary Ann

  2. yhbearcats Post author

    Mary Ann,

    Thank you for the kind words. I am unaware of what profession Melchior or his family was involved in. I have not done much research on what the family did before coming to America.

    I am by no means a professional genealogist, just an amateur who wants to share what I have been able to find.


  3. RJW

    Hi –
    Thank you so much for posting the information that you have researched.
    I am a descendant of Rev. Frederick Flinchbaugh. My family records show that my 3rd great-grandmother, Elizabeth (Eliza) Flinchbaugh is the daughter of Rev. Frederick Flinchbaugh.
    Elizabeth Flinchbaugh was…
    Born: 11 April 1827 in North Hopewell, York, Pennsylvania
    Married: 31 December 1846 George Jacob Stabler (Stabley)
    Died: 5 November 1897 Winterstown, York, Pennsylvania

    At this time, I have not been able to find an actual birth or marriage record. Other than family records, I have not been able to find a definitive source that lists her parents or marriage. The information I have on Elizabeth’s birth and death come from family records that have been passed down & her death record.

    I don’t know if you would want to add this information to what you have, but I think it is helpful in identifying at least one more of the children of Rev. Frederick Flinchbaugh.

  4. yhbearcats Post author

    Thank you for reaching out to me. I put the website together to share what I had found through my research and hopefully have people who had additional information (like you) reach out to me to help solve some of the unknown relationships. The 1830 and 1840 census definitely point to Reverend Frederick having 4 daughters born between 1820 and 1830, and I only have 1 confirmed daughter for him in that time frame

    What family records do you have that list her as the daughter of Reverend Frederick Flinchbaugh and Mary Kindig? Is it pages/handwritten notes from previous ancestors (if so, do you know who wrote it and how long ago it was) or is it from a family bible? Or is it something else completely?

    You also mention a death record, but since she died in 1897, I know it isn’t from a PA death certificate. Is the death record from church records or somewhere else? Does the death record list the names of her parents?

    I will try and do some research here on my end as well to see if I can find anything to confirm (either conclusively or with circumstantial evidence).

  5. M. Miller

    Thank you so much for posting the Miller line from York, PA and the Tyson line. My Great Great Grandfather is Hermon Miller married Mary Steele & Margaret Strong. We knew he had a sister married to a Tyson and one married to Thomas Stiles but had no information on them. You filled in a lot of blanks for me on the Tyson line. There is still a lot of missing links on the other brothers and sisters.

  6. Margaret

    Thank you for your email and all the wonderful info. I’m actually researching the
    Solomon Reese family line but your info confirmed Elizabeth’s parents.
    I found a copy of Elizabeth’s death record on She died Feb 15 (or 10th),1880 in Upshire County , West Virginia.

    If anyone has any info on Solomon Reese I would be very interested.

  7. yhbearcats Post author

    Does that death certificate list her maiden name? DNA evidence has confirmed that Solomon’s first wife was Elizabeth Flinchbaugh. It appears she died in the late 1830’s or 1840 as there is a marriage record of Solomon Reese marrying Elizabeth Doom in Augusta County, VA on September 17, 1840. Based on this, it certainly seems like Solomon was married to 2 women named Elizabeth, thus making it confusing.

  8. Chuck Hamilton

    Hello — I am trying to determine whether there might be any connection between my own Miller line and the one listed here. I am descended from a Michael Miller, born in or around 1819. I don’t know where, but I know that by 1850 he was listed in Lycoming County, PA. The reason I’m wondering if there is a connection here is because Michael Miller’s son, Lewis, named his own son William Harman Miller. And then, two generations later, there was another Miller with the name Harman (although spelled differently at this point). Based on what you have here, I can’t find a connection yet. I was wondering if you would have stumbled across this Michael Miller — married to Zylpha Winslow — in your searches? You would think that the name Zylpha would stand out and be easier to research, but so far this has not been the case for me!

    If any of these names rings a bell for you, I would love to know about it. Thank you, and thank you for the information here as well!

  9. Susan Strickler

    I am trying to determine if there is any connection or may have ideas on a group of siblings from Pennsylvania- my mother said the family spelled it Seachrist, but I’ve seen documents where it’s spelled Sechrist as well:

    James Seachrist- b. ABT 1808
    William Seachrist- b. 1811
    Samuel Seachrist b. 22 Jul 1815
    Casander Seachrist b. 1816
    Hannah Seachrist b. 1819

    James purchased land in Oakland Township, Schuyler County, Illinois in 1851 and the other siblings joined him, so I have to think the parents passed on prior to that. In the 1880 census, Samuel, Casander and Hannah list their father was born in Pennsylvania and mother was born in Maryland. All the siblings were born in Pennsylvania.

    Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. A lot of the Ancestry trees show the parents as Johannes Siegrist and Magdalena Miller, but there’s nothing else to prove it.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions!

  10. Pamela Miller

    This is great research! You’ve cleared up a lot of my question and opened up new areas. Thank you.

    I have a question about dates for Daniel Tyson’s children. Is there any chance that you made a typo while preparing the report? Jacob Tyson born October 3, 1818 followed by Washington Tyson born January 24, 1819. I was adding this detail into Legacy when it noted “Birth too soon after previous child”. You’ve been so thorough in your report that my first thought was that I had made the mistake. Any chance that Jacob was born in 1817?

  11. yhbearcats Post author

    According to Jacob’s tombstone, he was born October 3, 1818 and the birth of an older sibling makes it unlikely he was born in 1817. The only information for the birth of Washington Tyson is family legends and older family trees in the archives at the York County History Center. It is likely that Washington’s birth date is the incorrect one and he may have been born in 1820. In either case, since we have some information that corroborates the birth date of Jacob and nothing for Washington, I am going to remove the birth date for him from the website.

    Thank you for making me aware of this issue.

  12. Deborah Hinkle

    Like your site. My 3rd Great Grandfather was William Clemens. His Father Barnabas was a auctioneer in York. I Would like to find any old pictures of him. Any clues where to look would be helpfull.

    William B !2/30/1837 D 4/29/1914 Buried at Longstown United Methodist Cemetery

    A Civil War veteran, he enlisted in York August 4, 1862, and mustered into federal service at Harrisburg August 9 as a private with Co. K, 130th Pennsylvania Infantry.

  13. Mike Sechrist

    Hi Tom,

    First I would like to say that I’m in agreement with the others … your site is awesome!

    I’m a Sechrist whose Sechrist line comes from Williamsport, PA. Years ago I asked my grandfather about his parents and grandparents, and I learned that his grandfather was Eli Sechrist. Are you aware if Jonathan’s son Eli moved to Williamsport with relatives (possibly because Jonathan and his wife were in poor health)? Based upon census records, this is the only way I can explain Eli in Williamsport. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  14. Raymond Knapp

    Casandra Tyson may be my great, great, great Grandmother!
    My great, great, great Grandfather, William Prime Brown, was an orphan, who married another orphan named Casandra Tyson! He was born in PA and they lived in Maryland.

  15. yhbearcats Post author


    It is a possibility that Cassandra Tyson, daughter of Isaac Tyson (1768-1819), married William Brown and moved to Maryland. Unfortunately, I have not come across any information that verifies it. I actually just came across a recorded deed transaction among all of Isaac’s children in the early 1850’s that lists their names and their spouses if they were Isaac’s daughter. There was no mention of Cassandra, but it did mention his daughter Harriet/Henrietta who was married to Jacob Berger and moved to MD and his daughter Mary who was already deceased by 1850. One would think if Cassandra was Isaac’s daughter she would have also been mentioned in this recorded deed transaction, even if she moved away or was deceased.

  16. yhbearcats Post author


    thank you for the kind words. It is possible that your ancestor Eli could be the son of Jonathan, or he could be the son of William and Mary Ann Sechrist who were in the Union County area and moved to Lycoming County by 1870. DNA evidence shows you have some sort of connection with York County Sechrist’s and Flinchbaugh’s, but at this point it is unclear where that connection comes from.

  17. Joyce Fix

    Just spent an hour reading over all the amazing information on the Flinchbaugh family…. I actually stumbled upon it while researching my Grandfather Samuel Neff s line. Mary Flinchbaugh was the daughter of Adam and would have been my great great grandmother marrying Levi Neff. I hope you realize how valuable your research is for us more inept souls who are trying to find out where we came from… Thank you so very much for your hard work.

  18. yhbearcats Post author


    Thank you for the kind words. I hope you found something that was informative and helpful to you. Since I had to do a lot of research on the Flinchbaugh family to determine my own genealogy, I wanted to share what I discovered with others to help them. If you have any questions, please let me know.


  19. Joyce Fix

    Tom, With your information in hand, my husband and I went searching for the stone home on arbor and innerst rd. . I would have loved to stop and take a peek around but figured it might not go over well with the home owners on the property. On the other end of arbor heading towards the winterstown road is my gg grand father levi neff s stone farm house which he built with mary flinchbaugh. My husband said that i had him on roads he never knew existed… and being born and raised in the area… that is saying a lot. Thanks so much for all the great information.

  20. Lynn MIller

    I am Lynn Miller, a descendant of Christian and Katarina Mueller who arrived at Philadelphia on Sept 21 1731 (along with my wife’s ancestors who were on the same ship!) with their son Herman and daughter Margarita. Thanks to you, I think we know know Herman’s history, but Margarita, age 22, seems to have disappeared from public record.
    Do you have any idea where she went, did she marry, and to whom? And do we have any idea if the Muellers were members of the Reformed “colony” led by Rev. Johannes Bartholomay Rieger who arrived on the same ship on the same date? According to list of ship passengers, Rev. Rieger was at least born in Oberingelheim, Germany, and is buried in the grave yard of the German Reformed church in Lancaster Pa.

  21. Jean Woods

    Yes, very appreciative of your site and the information on the Craley family since he married the oldest daughter of John Andrew Gohn and his wife Veronica Kuster, namely Catherine. Christian was in business with Andrew Gohn owning half the cider mill on his property. In 1791, Andrew died relatively young and since he and Catherine were married, Christian served as a guardian for some of the younger children. I think Catherine had her inheritance when in 1792 he purchased the land along the Susquehanna bordering the “Widow Gohn.”
    Last week, I was trying to locate the Gohn land (there are several parcels) and got rather confused on the roads in the area, but did enjoy the Zimmerman House.

  22. Joy Henning

    Just stumbled on this website while doing a google search for Conrad Miller. I’m a descendant of a Christian Miller who was last on record in the 1850 census of Morgan County WV (VA at the time.) In that census Christian stated that he was born in PA in 1776. Christian married two Catlett sisters, Elizabeth and Catherine. When Elizabeth died he married Catherine Catlett. At the first marriage to Elizabeth recorded in Berkeley County VA, Christian’s bondsman was Conrad Miller. Christian and Conrad appear side by side in the 1810 census. I’m wondering if these two men could be sons of Herman Miller who died 1783 in York County. Many of my other Morgan County WV ancestors migrated to north part of VA about 1790-1800 coming through York County PA. It would sure help me with my brick wall on Christian Miller to learn if he might be connected to this family. Thanks.

    Your website is wonderful with so much helpful information. Thank you for posting it.

  23. Kirsten Schatz

    Thanks for your great website!
    I am looking for more detail and sources for my 3xgreat-grandfather, Herman/Harmon Miller (as you say, born March 18, 1786 in Shrewsbury Twp, York County, PA, baptized June 9, 1786 at Trinity Reformed Church, York County, PA, died September 29, 1871 in Indiana County, PA); I am descended through his son, Adam Miller.
    I would be so grateful if you could point me in the right direction for the sources that prove the Harmon Miller born in York County is the one who died in Indiana; that show his first wife; and also anything that proves that his son, Adam Miller, is the one and same Adam Miller who married Mary Catherine Bennett.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kirsten, Denver, CO

  24. Marjorie Ziegler

    I have just found your page concerning the Tyson Family which describes without a doubt, a large section of my family tree. Most of the named and birth dates correspond with our records, however there are a few names not familiar to us. Harmon R. Tyson (Junior) was my great grandfather who fought in the Civil War . He was married to Mary Elizabeth Bowman, and they are buried at Bethel Cemetery, Wheatfield Township, ..often referred to as Brush Valley. They had four children, Clinton, Malvern, Harry, and Lillian, my fraternal grandmother. I believe we may have some answers for Kirsten Schatz. Thank you for helping us go back a generation more than we may have had.

  25. Mark DeNicola

    Mr. Brenner,

    Thanks for your efforts to publish the family histories for others to enjoy.

    I am wondering if you have any copies of the documents from Orphans Court that list Henry’s 9 children Hannah, Jehu, Isaac, Jacob, Henry, Sarah (wife of William Patterson), Rachel (wife of Henry Reichard), Rebecca and Susanna (wife of Peter Dietz) and also documents for the appointing of guardiansed for Jacob and Benjamin, who were under the age of 14, and also Lydia and Priscilla, who were over the age of 14.

    If so, would it be possible to receive a scan of them?

    Mark DeNicola

  26. yhbearcats Post author


    I sent you an email with the images of the Orphans Court records. Let me know if you don’t receive them.

  27. Mark DeNicola

    Mr. Brenner,

    Hello again! I hope you have had a great Christmas and New Year’s holiday!

    I have a loose end with my Geesey lineage. I have a Jacob Keesey married to Mary Polly Mitzel. I believe he is the same Jacob Keesey (born 10 JAN 1807) that you have listed as the child of Elizabeth Flinchbaugh and Jacob Geesey. I have had a hard time finding any documents that they had a child by the name of Jacob. Do you have a document that indicates he is one of their children? Your help, as always, would be greatly appreciated.

  28. Marjorie Ziegler

    Hello yhbearcats, I’m sorry, but I can’t find the former communication from you regarding Jessie Tyson who was my 3ed Great Grandfather. It was in October that I last wrote and I apologize for taking so long to reply, however , my cousin Ron Tyson , and I are very interested in working with you to help fill in areas that are in question. We have quite a bit of information, including pictures….mine is directly from my grandmother Lillian Bowman Tyson, and is written in a large ledger by my uncle Thomas Tyson Ziegler….family historian. My grandmother was younger when she gave the information concerning her relatives and I think you will find her to be quite accurate. Because it is in a ledger, and there is SO much….. it is difficult to give you the data, unless I copy it and mail it to you…. To do that , of course, I would need an address or phone number, if you prefer to discuss anything. Please let me know. My address is : 73 Bedford Dr. Whitesboro, NY. 13492 Phone : 315 736 0027

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