Red Lion, Pennsylvania Genealogy

I have created this site to share my research and knowledge of several of my ancestors who lived in and around the area of Red Lion, PA.  Not only will it contain families from Red Lion, but also from areas around Red Lion, such as Windsor, York, Chanceford and North Hopewell Township.  Below is a list of surnames that I plan on providing my research on:

Miller – Descendants of Herman Miller (1706-1783) and Catherine

Tyson – Descendants of Henry Tyson (1742-1817) and Sarah (1743-1821)

Flinchbaugh -Descendants of Melchior Flinchbaugh (1716-1772) and Sophia Rembold (1718-1785)

Sechrist – Descendants of John (Hans) Sechrist (1705-1761) and Anna Wildberger (1709- unknown)

Anstine – Descendants of George Anstine (1734-1799) and Catherine Burger (1730-1807)

Craley – Descendants of Christian Craley (1763-1823) and his wives Catherine Gohn and Elizabeth Wackerman

Wackerman – Descendants of George Wackerman (1763-1849) and Maria Hertzog (1767-unknown)

Mitzel – Descendants of Michael Mitzel Jr (1777-1844) and Anna Elizabeth Hildebrand (1774-1859)

Saylor – Descendants of Ulrich Seiler Sr. (1686-1740)

You can click on the hyperlink to the last name to be taken to the main page for that surname or you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to navigate directly to an individual.

My serious interest in genealogy began back in 2013 after my grandmother passed away.  She had piqued my interest for family history throughout my life, but when I looked through the information that she had collected after she passed, it became a passion of mine.  She had put together a binder full of our Miller family history dating back to her 4th great-grandfather Michael Miller (1755-1823), but about the only thing she did not know was when our original Miller ancestor came to America and who he was.  It became my mission to see if I could determine the answer to those questions and when I was finally able to figure it out, I only wish she would have been around to share that information with.

Since then, I have done extensive research on those above family lines by researching them through original documents contained within both the York County Archives and the York History Center (formerly York Historical Society).  I have also used secondary sources such as Find-A-Grave, census records, other family history books, DNA results and matches and other historical documents to determine family lines.

I want give special acknowledgment to my first cousin, once removed Alan Laudermilch.  He also shares all these same ancestors and when I first started to become interested in genealogy, it was his decades worth of knowledge and experience that helped me get started to know where to look for information, how to process the information, how to think about what it means and how to interpret it what we have found.  We have had numerous email exchanges and together have come up with many of the conclusions that I will share on this website.  Needless to say, without his assistance and knowledge, many of the findings might never have happened.

You will notice throughout my family lines, I will try to explain which family connections I am confident in due to definitive proof and which ones I am including in family line because of circumstantial evidence and process of elimination.

If you have any questions about my research or believe I may have something incorrect, please feel free to reach out to me by going to the Contact menu at the top of the page.  There are plenty of websites out there with incorrect information, and the last thing I want to do is share incorrect information with people as well.


Thomas Brenner

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